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Over a long career as a competitive swimmer, I have won a few and lost a few over the years. But, most of my favorite things about swimming have nothing to do with my wins and losses, but the little moments.  Here are my top ten best things about being a swimmer:

10: Hitting the hot tub after an outdoor workout in October in Michigan.  The weather is in the 40s and you sprint to the hot tub as a group and relax after a tough workout and enjoy the brisk air and warm water of the hot tub.

9. Guiding young swimmers during their careers

8. Saturday morning naps after an early workout.

7. Group breakfasts, or any other team social

6. Finishing a set I did not think I could make.

5. Finishing a set faster than I thought I was capable of doing. 

4. People mistaking me for 10 years younger than I am. (The pool is the fountain of    youth after all)

3. Still wearing the same size clothes I did twenty years ago. It is both economical and rewarding to not be putting on the weight I see in so many people who are not remaining active. To them, I would like to invite them to get active (let me know how I can help).

2. Helping someone swim their first-ever length of the pool. The emotions an adult who master’s their first length of the pool is powerful and wonderful to be a part of.

1. All my best-friends and swimming family. Nothing can beat the friends I have around the country from teams I have swum with, meets I have attended, and team’s I have coached.  

Share your best memory or feeling from your time in the pool with us by posting below.

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By Coach Pat / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Mar 10, 2021

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