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Regular exposure to chlorine and minerals can cause lasting damage to your hair. Chlorine strips your hair of the natural oils that lubricate and protect it. Once the oils have been stripped, other minerals begin to build up around the hair follicles. This process can cause your hair to become dry, weighted down, or (in some cases) discolored.” Basil, inventor of Dchlorin8.

This is my hair to the max, or at least it was until I found a solution. Let me share my journey.

At a meet a few months ago, I saw an ad for Dchlorin8, a new product on the market which removes the destructive minerals out of your hair that chlorine leaves behind. One thing to catch my attention about Dchlorin8 is that you don’t rinse it out. To me this stood out as a difference that could make the difference. If you use a product to strip chlorine out of your hair and then have to rinse it out with water that has chlorine, as all municipal water supplies do (see last week’s blog on Chlorine), you have just defeated the purpose. Interested, not only did I give it a try, but five of my master swimmers (all women) tried it with me. You should know that I swim 5 days a week and have been a competitive swimmer with dry frizzy hair all my life, but not all the women in our little test had the same hair type.

Day 1:  I followed the directions on the label, which are simple enough: Wash and towel dry your hair, spray in (three pumps) and comb through. On the spot my hair felt a bit better, but nothing dramatic.  Once I dried my hair, that was when I realized that the change was much bigger.  My hair was silkier and smoother. Of the six of us who tried the product for one day, five were amazed at how good their hair felt and the sixth did not feel the instant improvement.

Day 2: Well, if some was good, how about using more.  I doubled the amount of Dchlorin8 I sprayed in my hair.  It did me no good to use so much more.

Day 3: It seemed only fair to now try using less than the three pumps on my hair. That did not go so well, my hair was stiffer and harder to comb without an adequate amount of Dchlorin8.

Day 4: Some of the ladies in our little test didn’t want to give up their own conditioners, so we decided to try using Dchlorin8 after we used and rinsed out our own favorite conditioners (no two of used the same conditioner).  Here is where we were a split group, part of the group liked using their own conditioner first, others felt that using just Dchlorin8 was alone was fine.

Day 5: I went back to just the three pumps, but when combing my hair, I could feel the occasional spot where the comb pulled I added an extra partial pump of Dchlorin8 to that spot and problem solved!

Day 21: After about three weeks of using Dchlorin8 several more women in our group have started using the product. As for me, my hair is noticeably better, and as some of the old badly damaged hair gets cut off with time the new hair will be smoother and silkier. Five of the six women in the test group now use DChlorin8 regularly.

Day 30

I had about three inches of my hair cut off. (My hair is about 1/3 the way down my back) The loss of this older more damaged hair has made it even more obvious how much my hair is improving. We have our first guy trying the product.  I touch base in the future about his reactions.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say this is some research project that demonstrates proof, just a bunch of swimmers who are always looking to solve the chlorinated hair problem. So, after such a positive journey, which is still ongoing, I decided to carry Dchlorin8 on my website. If you know my site, you know that I don’t carry a bunch of other products, just my own tools.  But I loved the idea of bringing this new product from another small entrepreneur into my world. If you would like to try Dchlorin8 I am including a discount code here that will provide a $5.00 off a full-size bottle. The code will be valid until the end of June, or you can purchase the smaller travel size for $5.00 (no code needed).

I have asked the inventor of Dchlorin8 if he would add his comments (see the comments below the blog) and he will also answer any questions you post on the product. 

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By Coach Pat / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Feb 05, 2021

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