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Really, pull buoys are not one size fits all.  Don’t just grab anyone from the bin on deck and jump in. There is such a thing as the wrong pull buoy for you.  It’s not about shape, or brand it’s about size. The pull buoy should provide enough floatation to keep your upper legs in alignment with the rest of your body, not higher than when you swim without them.

In general, you should try to wear the smallest pull buoy possible.  In general, ladies need smaller pull buoys then men of the same height and the smaller you are, like shoes, the smaller the pull buoy you need.  Don’t be put off by manufacturer’s calling their pull buoy “adult” or “junior”.  I wear a buoy that was branded as “child”. I admit that at only 5’2” and realize being taller than me is not hard, or so I’ve been told (right Kiera).

If in doubt, go smaller, not bigger!

When working on selecting a pull buoy for you keep the following general guide lines in mind:

  • The taller you are, the larger the pull buoy
  • The higher BMI you have the smaller the pull buoy
  • Women generally need smaller pull buoys then men
  • Ignore the size designations most manufacturers use.

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By Coach Pat / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Sep 14, 2020

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