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Chlorine Myths

Managing pool chemicals can get confusing and more complicated than most non-pool professionals realize. Read on to bust some of the myths I hear all the time: Your pool uses

Online Warning

On a regular basis I cruise the internet, looking for swimming blogs, videos, educational material, articles, well pretty much anything. I have learned one important lesson that I want to

Bilateral Breathing? Yes and No

Bilateral breathing is a freestyle term made popular in swimming circles by Total Immersion, but the idea is much older. Pure bilateral breathing is when you breathe every third stroke

Race Pace Training

Race Pace Training or RPT has gathered a lot of attention over the last few years. But what does that mean and does it work? Let’s start with the first

Training basics

Interval, interval, interval! Most of us have hear the old adage in real-estate; The three most important aspects of real-estate are location, location, location. In much the same way, for

Where to start

Where to start? I always found writing the first sentence of anything the toughest part. I guess I should start by telling you why I’m starting a blog and a